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QR code not 100% working for users
Under Review (Low Ranked) December 24, 2021
QR to small and does not read…especially if the ring light is on. Furthermore the issue is the people do not know that they can enlarge it. I have the set up on cross country promotion at airports with no people on site to explain this. That’s why I’m trying to bring to your attention that people do not know that they can enlarge it, and it does not work because it’s just not big enough and a ring light makes it even more difficult to use by 90% no go. SOLUTIONS, have big writing please tap on QR code to enlarge. Or have a QR code toggle between regular mode as is and large mode going back-and-forth. Just a thought, trying to help out. Please see video attached as a proof of concept.All the best wishes!!
Thanks for your feedback
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