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AI BG removal working more cohesively with Filters
Under review (Top Ranked) March 08, 2022
When using AI BG removal At the moment, the filters are applied after the background has been replaced. Therefore, the replacement backgrounds are altered by the filter and this cannot be avoided. If you use a filter of any kind - it will effect the background. For example: This means you can't have a B+W photo against a coloured background as the background is also converted to greyscale. It would be great and I think makes sense if you are able to keep the artwork/replacement backgrounds in their original form - so - if the filters could be processed first - and then the new BG applied.So, no matter what filter you use, it's not possible to remove the BG without the filter altering the replacement BG.It would also make it easier to be cohesive with matching Backgrounds and Overlays.Thanks!
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