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Zoom In/Out While Taking Pics
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Under review (Top Ranked) April 04, 2023
I would love the ability to zoom in/out while taking pics via "pinching" the screen like you can when taking a pic on your phone. This would allow us to zoom in and fill the screen better for small groups or individuals, and zoom out to fit large groups. I realize you can 3-finger swipe up to get to the camera settings, but this takes a few steps and it doesn't reset between guests, so you'd have to go through all those taps anytime you want to make even the slightest adjustment. I also realize we could just ask guests to stand closer or farther away too, but that doesn't always work when you're yelling direction over a wedding band/DJ or have a flash that is perfect when they're far away, but too bright when they're up close, etc...
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