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Shooting with DSLR with AI needs a Retake button BEFORE AI starts processing
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Under Review (Low Ranked) April 27, 2022
When shooting pro quality stills with a high end DSLR using AI there is currently no option to stop every photo taken being processed. A pro photographer shooting directly on a DSLR will spot a guest blinking or moving as the shot is taken. A quick preview of the shot appears on the iPad but it goes straight to processing when AI background removal is active l. This takes 20 seconds plus and costs a credit even though the photographer (and often the guest) will know it’s not going to be useable. Some guests are nervous or shy and this doesn’t help. Even shooting under controlled lighting in a studio with pro models it can take a few shots to really get a keeper. An option to Retake or Use before processing starts is essential. Then we can quickly reshoot. Every event has a pro photographer. Not every event has a photobooth. Many pro photographers will use Snappic if this is fixed.
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