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Play a video before and/or after experience
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Under review (Top Ranked) August 10, 2023

Brands often ask for a more custom experience where they can play a video for the customer before and / or after the experience. (not in the generated video, just in the app).

What the brand would like is for example:

You touch the screen to start the experienceAnd here, instead of taking a picture directly, it would play a video /advertisement from the brand.Once the video is finished, the normal experience starts.Additional idea, It would be nice to be able to insert a screen (image)between each photo to suggest some pose the user could do each time.Once the experience is finished, it could also be nice to be able to play avideo to say thank you for taking part in the event or to put the advert atthe end instead of the beginning.I took the example of the photo booth because it was the last request Igot, but it would be nice to have this no matter if it's a photo or videoevent type or both, basically, it should be an event feature.

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