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Mobibooth/RGB Lights Full Integration
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Under review (Top Ranked) May 12, 2022

Ability to associate Mobibooth's lights with a particular device so that it automatically selects it under accessories (similar to how licenses work). Now that the new V2 is out, more people will start having light customization. It would also be extremely helpful to be able to customize the settings on the backend and it pushes out to the device on load/refresh. So many people use iPad photo booths as drop offs or self-serve now and it is important to have everything as automated as possible without having to adjust settings on-site.

"Currently, you have to go into the Accessories menu in the App and select the RGB lights and connect to them. I am hoping there could be a way to have that auto-connect without having to select it. Especially with the Aura V2, the light doesn't even turn on now without selecting it. I know the Mobibooth app seems to auto-connect to it and so there does seem to be a way. I'm not sure the best place to implement this, but every light has an ID like "MOBIBLE_6a98c830s93dd" and so maybe one way would be to associate that ID of the light with a particular iPad Device Name in snappic on the web side. I have attached a photo of a concept of assigning the light to the device, but there could definitely be another way. Typically the same device would always be used with the same lights. Basically, it'd be great to bring the whole accessories settings menu from the app into the web portal and be able to customize the colors, etc and so it loads onto the device. Hopefully that makes sense, but feel free to reach out with additional questions."

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