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Under review (Top Ranked) December 27, 2023

The ability to add .MP3 files for custom audio prompts. There is an option to use a blue tooth speaker but the app only has beeps. It would be nice to use our own MP3 files for the following: Once the start button is pressed maybe a welcome prompt: EXAMPLE 1. "Welcome to the photo Booth, we are going to take 3 photos. Look up at the camera" 2. have 10 places to upload MP3 for countdown 1.mp3 2.mp3 3.mp3 4.mp3 5.mp3 6.mp3 7.mp3 8.mp3 9.mp3 10.mp3 3. END PROMPT "GREAT JOB! Thank you for using our photo booth. don't forget to pick up your prints" I use video prompts on all of my other booths using Darkroom and it works well for the guests.

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